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Am I a Growth Hacker?

What is the Concept of Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking refers to the process of producing accelerated growth of Startups & Brands on a small budget and within a definitive time frame.

Sean Ellis, who coined the term in 2010, defines a growth hacker as someone “whose true north is growth.” What a growth hacker is targeting maximum leads on minimum spends.

They focus on a range of areas such as lead generation, conversion, automation, A/B testing and experimenting, data analytics & product management through a digital platform.

Growth Hacker versus Marketer:

Marketing is the subset of Growth Hacking

A growth hacker is a Marketer backed with technical and Management applications. Technical because it requires automation, data analytics & A/B testing, or experimenting on the digital platforms. And Management because it requires the ability to bring out the best possible outcome or growth within a definitive time frame on minimum spends .

Growth Hacker is involved in Digital Marketing, Product Management, Data Analytics, Automation & lead generation through Digital platforms. Therefore Growth hacker’s involvement in Business is from end to end for generating sustainable and rapid growth. Its role is equivalent to a leadership role in an organization.

Growth Hacker is a power-packed Marketer who is not just responsible for generating leads from digital marketing & automation but also responsible for A/B testing and experiments for better results which requires creativity and a problem-solving mindset. Due to the nature of the process involved in Growth hacking, Growth hacker is a combination of Marketing and Engineering.

Although Growth Hacker is a full-fledged Marketing and Growth solution for any Business, it can make a huge difference to Startups where rapid growth is required under budget constraints. Growth hacker helps in taking Startups & Brands to the next level of growth.

Role of Growth Hacker in upscaling a Business or Startup:

Growth Hacker helps in the next-level growth of startups & Brands

Growth Hacking helps in Goal alignment: Growth hackers are Mission-driven and therefore they align their actions to their goal by targeting the right set of audiences or groups for generating leads. Leads then can be converted directly into customers or can be re-targeted further for conversion. Target people, audiences, or groups are those who can be benefitted from the products & services as solutions of an organization.

Tracking and analyzing performance: Tracking is the most important factor and acts as a metric for the Growth process. Tracking is done through Analytics tools which gives the complete picture of the level of the right set of audience engagement. Analytics also track and show the report of A/B testing or experimenting which can be utilized for better targeting of the growth process.

Best utilization of Resources:

Growth hacking works with the mission of Utilising the resources creatively for maximum Growth in a definitive time frame. So it requires a creative thought process and problem-solving mindset for attaining growth utilizing various channels which gives optimum results in lesser time.

So are you a growth hacker like me?

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